December 19, 2008

Fun with Photoshop

Normally I'd post this on my other blog, but since it's a pic from Origins '07, I figured I'd post it here.

My wife Carolyn (PrincessNoin on the Kenzer & Company Forums) took this pic of me with BA from Knights of the Dinner Table.

I've done a little bit of Photoshop work, nothing fancy at all, so getting a good result like this is new for me. I started by deleting all of the background from the pic and getting in close to the edge with the eraser tool. Then I blurred the edge and pasted it over the base file copy I re-opened. I blurred that base layer quite a bit (in increments) until I got a result I liked.

All of this was for my Twitter account, so I could use it as a new avatar. I lucked out and Twitter cropped the pic just about perfect.

Original Pic:

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