February 15, 2009

What I've been up to

I've been a little busy lately helping out the HackMaster Association with a "little" project: an itsy-bitsy total revamp of the HMA. A new game system came out last year with Aces & Eights and HackMaster Basic comes out this summer, so we've got to get our act together to move the organization into it's next stage.
A real small group of us is working on some of the basics that'll get sent up to the D-Team for them to decide on how to move forward. I'm assuming that they'll make a minor tweak or two and put out the changes or they may ask for additional input from the HMA War College.
Of course that's not everything I've been up to, but it has been taking the largest amount of my time, compared to other gaming projects.
PrincessNoin and I went down to Salt Lake City a couple of weekends ago for a business trip and got to play the ending one-off session of Crypt of the Lizard King. Got some decent loot, mostly some coins and a bunch of new spells......and I ended up spending all of my coinage and a little extra getting new spellbooks made and scribing the spells.
The online group has been a bit hit or miss. Some of the other players haven't been showing and the GM wussed out on Valentine's Day so we didn't play yesterday. Evidently pleasing his wife on Valentine's Day is more important than GMing.....oh well, not everyone can have their priorities straight.
In a couple of weeks we'll be heading down to Chattanooga, TN to playtest the tournament adventure for Origins later this summer.

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