February 14, 2009

Been a while...

I got a bit busy in and out of work so I haven't been blogging much.

Today the wife and I went out to IHOP, but today I felt like calling it IFLOP. At first the place was quite busy, but we came in on the end of the Saturday morning breakfast bunch and it cleared out quick.

I got a bit tempted by the all-you-can-eat pancake special, even though I know I'm only going to eat maybe a second helping of pancakes. I get the most expensive combo, which is basically an extra $3 for 3 pieces of sausage and bacon (I know...I'm such a big spender!)

Now for those of you who do not know....I am a pretty quick eater and my wife is a very slow eater. It's not uncommon for me to finish in half to a third of the time it takes her to eat. Not making some drastic commentary, just setting the stage here.

Carolyn had gotten a decently sized breakfast, close to what I got quantity-wise and I was done by the time she was close to halfway finished. Our server came over and asked if I wanted any more pancakes, to which I answered in the affirmative (seriously though, why order off that menu if you weren't going to want more than your initial allotment of two pancakes?)

I didn't get any more pancakes until well after Carolyn had finished her meal. Our server evidently had to go back and re-order my pancakes at least once, if not twice.

Now, bear with me here.....pancakes are fundamentally easy as hell to make. Damned quick too! I know the heros out in the kitchen have a big dump bowl of batter. They hold it over the grill, squeeze the handle a couple of times....wait a minute and a half or so....flip the hotcakes over, wait another 30 seconds....flip onto a plate and ring a bell to tell the server the order is up.

Even if the process was a bit more complicated.....allegedly this place was so confident about their pancakes they put the word in THIER DAMNED TITLE! It's not the International House of Bacon! How damned hard is it to bring me two effen pancakes?! It's not like they were advertising a special on pancakes or anything....oh, wait...yes they did.

The food, when I got it, was pretty good. Why do I have this type of thing happen so often?

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