March 7, 2009


PrincessNoin and I went to Chattanooga, TN last weekend for HackMaster! Yep, it's a little bit of a distance to go, but we needed to playtest the Tournament of Champions (ToC) tournament for Origins Game Fair later this summer.

This summer is the send-off for HackMaster 4th edition, so I want to make sure that the adventure is worth-while and fits in loosely with the proposed adventure for GenCon. I'm trying something new, but not so overwhelmingly new that players will be scratching their heads going, "WTF?!"

What I'm writing is a three part adventure and my so-called "new" idea is that it's basically going to be played a bit more like a home adevnture. Participants get to play in all three parts and there is no designated "rest" period between rounds. In the more traditional multi-round tournaments, half of the playing field was eleminated each round and every round was self-contained. PCs got to rest & recuperate in between rounds, getting back HP and spells and basically curing any ailments.

I'm simply calling this "new" tournament format an Ironman tournament. The tournament is story driven and I'm not out to screw with the players and make shit up just to "hit 'em sideways" and try to kill them. If every PC makes it to the final encounter in the final round....great, as long as the players had fun getting there.

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