August 21, 2011

HackMaster Podcasts

We haven't had the Sunday night group in about a month due to Fandemonium and work shifts.  We are in the middle of the Free adventure from KoDT.  I think it was issue #175, but if you don't already have it, then I'd start with Bundle of Trouble #1 and work my way up to the current issue.

The Wednesday night game has a new GM, new PCs, and a new campaign.  I'm playing an Elven Rogue with high diplomacy and recruiting skills, along with the normal array of assorted social skills.  My PC is foul-mouthed and is prematurely grey.  When rolling the PC up, I kept getting "racist" as a quirk.  The GM allowed me to keep re-rolling until I got something different.  It took 4 rolls to get "foul-mouthed".

Unfortunately I just don't have a real good feel for this PC.  I keep slipping from being foul-mouthed to just lippy, and that isn''t what I'm, trying for.  Two sessions in and I just don't have the PC in my head yet.  Hopefully that will change soon.

My wife, our home-group GM, has a podcast.  Now, I'm biased, but I've recently been listening to other podcasts and I think her group does a bang-up job.  I highly recommend listening to Sugar & Dice. (link is to the iTunes podcast link).

Some of the other podcasts I've been listening to (generally individual episodes):
Role Playing Public Radio- Interview with Jolly Blackburn
Wapcaplets Episode 49: HackMaster Basic
Bend Bars Lift Gates Episode 4: There's No Crying in HackMaster

Some comments about these you cannot say I didn't warn you.

The interviewer for Role Playing Public Radio says "um" and "and" so many times that I about cringed every time he spoke.  If there is one thing that Toastmasters has instilled in me it is a keen awareness of when a speaker overuses these filler words.

The Wapcaplets podcast was just a brief review of HackMaster Basic.  I caught one thing he got wrong regarding initiative, but it was a good review overall.

I don't recommend listening to Bend Bars Lift Gates.  It was basically just a group of players sitting around the microphone whining about the events of their last game.  If not for the fact I was just letting it play while I did dishes, there is no way I could have stuck around to listen to this drivel.

Now it isn't HackMaster, but one of my buddies is part of a 1st Edition podcast that rocks.  I highly recommend Roll for Initiative.

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