September 4, 2011

BSU beats Georgia 35-19

I didn't get to see the game last night, but Boise State had it's first win against a SEC school in what was also it's first Mountain States West game.

Thirty-five to nineteen isn't a bad score.

The question I have is a general one of when will America stop thinking of the Boise State Broncos as a "Cinderella Team" that still has to prove itself?  It seems like any big game we go into there are two things that the media likes to talk about: our blue turf and that we still have to prove ourselves.

How many "big games" do we have to win to slough off this mantle?  Obviously it is at least one more.

The wife and I were invited to a friend's house for a barbecue and to watch the game.  Carolyn didn't get off work until the game started and I couldn't confirm that the invite was still there, so we stayed at home.  We no longer have cable, and even if we did I don't think we would have had ESPN3 to watch the game. (EDIT: Nope.  We get ESPN, ESPN2, and Classic ESPN)  Xbox Live has been making a big deal of an ESPN tie-in, so maybe we could play the game through the Xbox.  Unfortunately the system checks to see if you are working with an "approved" ISP, so all we can get is some highlights of previous games and some sportcaster chatter about upcoming games.

Let me get this right.....basically the only way we can watch the game with ESPN3 through Xbox is if we could probably only watch the game on cable anyway.  That helps.

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