October 28, 2011

"Last Minute" Prep

Tomorrow is the Club 61 Halloween party and my last costuming pieces arrived in the mail today.  Since I ordered them on the 8th of October, there is nothing like getting something almost too late.

I still have a lot of little things to do to get our two costumes ready.  I've got the graphics done, just need to get them printed and applied.  I also have to do some painting to get the first aid kits squared away, some boomer puke to make, and some cookies for the party.  If I have any extra time I wouldn't mind taking some silver paint to dry brush some wear and tear onto our plastic weapons.

I'm liking how it is all coming together, but the costumes are just too damned clean.  Believe it or not I just don't have the time to get them as appropriately dirty as I'd like.  If we end up wearing these outfits to some kind of cosplay event (not that I go to those), then I'd need to take the extra step.  I also wouldn't mind mounting some sort of blacklight into my bile bomb to make the boomer puke fluoresce.  That would be cool.

I'm going as Ellis and Carolyn is dressing up as Zoey.   I'll try to get some pics posted and eventually will have a break-down of my bile bomb....assuming I finish it on time and it looks good.

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