October 27, 2011

200th Post

Woo Hoo! (or for you KoDT fans.... Hoody Hoo!)  I've reached my 200th Blog entry.

My very 1st post was made on December 20th, 2004.  I'll warn you now if you feel like clicking that link to view the post that there is a picture of my friend Rob's hairy tattooed butt.

Wow...December 2004.  A lot has happened since then while some things have remained the same.  In September 2004 I had quit my job at Fred Meyers so I could look for a better job.  I had been working as the Relief Assistant HOM Manager.  I had made a deal with my supervisors to help me attend Boise State University.  My general shift was 2 PM to 11:30 PM, but it wasn't uncommon to have to work until 1 AM or even as late as 2 AM.  My normal days off were Tuesday and Thursday, but there was a LOT of variation, especially when I wasn't taking classes.  Early shifts started at 5 AM, so I could realistically have to work anywhere from 5 AM to 2 AM, 7 days a week on a schedule that changes every week.  It's hard to look for work with that kind of work schedule.  "Can you come in next Tuesday at 3 PM for an interview?"  Hell if I knew....

Fast forward to today.  Again I'm on the market looking for work.  Have been for almost a year.  There are lots of good opportunities opening up, so I'm actually much more hopeful than I have been since I started.  I would be extremely surprised if I don't get a couple interviews in the next few weeks, preferably after my bone marrow harvest.

The last seven years.....wait a second, 200 posts in seven years?  That means I've posted, on average, every 12 days.  That sucks.  You have to admit I've been much more serious about posting these last two months.  I'm trying to post every day.  I do have another blog which pretty much is themed to playing HackMaster, so my overall blogging post count is actually higher.

Anyway, in the last seven years I've come across a lot of blogs.  I tend to return to those that I enjoy providing one of two traits exist: they post nearly every day and/or they post some great content.  For me great content usually means the blog is themed and I enjoy the theme.  Of course you could post a lot and just drivel on about nothing and I won't stick around for long.  Hopefully that previous sentence doesn't describe my blog.  I've been working to post something worthwhile every day for your reading pleasure.

For the most part I have no clue who reads this blog.  I know a couple of friends do because they tell me so.  I know that at least one blogger I follow checks in at least occasionally.  At the time of this entry I have a whopping three (Count 'em...1, 2, yep...3) people who actually "follow" this site through that whole Google Connect.  I had to sleep with one of those followers to get her to sign up, and I had to marry one follower's sister to get him on board.  I guess that makes one follower I didn't have to shill out for in some way.  Well now you know I'm not beyond whoring myself out for followers AND that I'm probably not worth following.

I still appreciate everyone who does check in on my not-so-random musings.

That ClusterMap is a map of everyone who has stopped by this place in roughly the last year.  All of the available continents are represented, and understandably most of my visitors are from the US.  I think that one spot in Russia is actually some kind of spyder that has been indexing this site for some reason.  I don't think it is a person.  If it is, I apologize Comrade.  There is a decent sized spot in Malaysia also.  That I don't think is a spyder, but actually a bunch of people.  If you've ever randomly gone through some Blogger blogs using that "next blog" button, which I don't have, you'll find a HUGE amount of blogs from that part of the world.

Well, here's to another 200 posts.  Hopefully I'll be hitting that milestone sometime early next summer.

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