October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

We weren't planning on being home tonight due to a regularly scheduled Monday night meeting.  When the meeting was cancelled we stocked up on candy for the potential onslaught of tykes toting tiny treatbags.

Needless to say the onslaught was more of a trickle.  The first Trick or Treater showed up about 6:30 PM and by 8:30 PM we've started getting the High Schoolers.  I'd guess we've had maybe 20-30 kids.

I've noticed a couple of things this year that bug me.  The first two are probably just me being a crotchety old fart, but the third simply pisses me off.

1) Kid trick-or-treating are way too grabby.  When I present "the bowl" and say, "Please pick a candy bar", inevitably the little buggars grab a handful.  One kid did ask nicely if he could have a Kit-Kat and a Reese's.  Ask nicely and of course you can have a second piece.

2) Few kids say thank you without having their parent present to remind them to say thanks.  I'd put the number at less than 20%.

3) A significant number of kids (in my opinion, any more than 1, but I'd say about 20% again) were being driven around by a parent.  That sound innocuous, but picture this: a kid is walking from house to house while their parent follows along in the car.  Instead of parking the car and walking alongside with your kid you make him/her walk by themselves while you sit in your nice warm car.  If something happens to your kid, what the hell are your going to do.....drive off for assistance?  If you are so "worried" about your kid, just go to your church Halloween function and be done with it.

Edit: I had to post this picture of my cat "guarding" the candy bowl and looking out the window for Trick-or-Treaters.

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