November 29, 2011

Membership Drive

Just a short post tonight as I've come back from my weekly Toastmasters meeting a little later than expected and I need to go to bed soon.  Actually being unemployed I don't need to go to bed soon, but my wife does and I try to keep to her schedule to make life a little easier for both of us.

I had mentioned in an earlier post some time ago that I was playing a new online zombie survival game called Zombie Pandemic.  It is free to play and I've been getting a kick out of it.  It really reminds me of the old Urban Dead game, but it is much more graphical than that old text-based game is.

I'm running three "PCs", two on the game server and one on the older test server (I was sent an invite). The game is still in Beta so there are occasional issues, but on the game server they rarely come into play.  The worst it's been I had to simply log out and then back in again.  I joined a clan and I have my two player characters working on two safehouses.  A lot of activity is constrained to the lower 1/3 of the map, so two of the the clan's three safehouses are there.  As you level up in the game and are able to take on larger challenges the next section of the map opens up.  I decided to place a safehouse in the middle of that map so clan members would have a place to go.  My main character is working to build up that safehouse so the training available is the best around (enough to max out skills).  This costs a lot of resources, which means that my characters will not have those resources to buy cool weapons and armor.

It'll be worth it if the clan grows and people have fun.  Our group has been rather inactive lately which is why we need a membership drive.  If you want to check out the game, just click on this post's picture.  If you find you like the game, feel free to join my clan.  The easiest way is to just do a player search for "SSgt Stogdill" and send me a note.  I'll shoot you back a clan invite.

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