December 5, 2011

Adam Carolla explains the OWS Generation (NSFW)

While I'm sure I haven't heard everything Adam Carolla has ever gone off about, I can say that so far I pretty much agree with most everything I have heard.

First off, if you never listened in to Love Line when it was the Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew show, then you've missed out.  Yes, Adam is a comedian, but I've always found the guy insightful.  I'm guessing that all those years with Dr. Drew he's been able to pick up a few of the warning signs that callers threw out there.

Then there is the Man Show.  That was just funny.  Take it any kind of serious and I'm sure it'll piss you off, and I'm certain the "feminazis" didn't like it one bit.

So basically, as I see it, we have a comedian who isn't afraid to speak up about our society at large and is a man that is not only observant, but able to learn from those around him.  In my opinion that puts him head and shoulders above some of the other talking heads my friends and family listen to.  I just learned he has a daily podcast now.....and you can subscribe with itunes.

In the past I haven't exactly been very supporting of the Occupy movement.  I think there are a) better points to be making and b) better ways to make that point.  Some of you may know that I've been unemployed for over a year.  I had to quit my job 'cause of the ass-hattery of my rather rich boss, but I don't blame the 1% for my woes.  If anything I blame myself for being so damned naive for so damned long.  This doesn't jive with the general sentimentality of the OWS movement.

I find what Adam has to say on the subject to be appropriate.  He swears a lot as a matter of course.  I don't have an issue with that, but I know a lot of people might, so be forewarned.

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