December 23, 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Every generation has their identity issues and sometimes these issues reach across generations gaps to affect our society as a whole.

By society, I mean the vast collection of geeks, nerds, dorks, and dweebs that make up Star Trek and Star Wars fans.  We waste much of our time putting down each other instead of facing the true threat to the geek hierarchy: The Furries.

That's a joke, but seriously? Idaho is having a Furry convention in 2012, wisely being held outside of the normal hunting season.

Back from poking fun (well, mostly fun, I'm kind of serious about the Furries) at one of my wife's friends.  Said friend is also a Trekkie.  Personally I'm not sure what side of the line I'm on.  I grew up a huge Star Wars fan, but I was done after the Return of the Jedi.  I didn't get into Star Trek until the second or third season of ST:TNG, but I really became a big fan when Voyager came out.  I think part of the fun there was the difficulty in finding the episodes to watch since I lived in Germany when it first came out.  We didn't have this bit-torrent thing then.  It took us a long time to download our fan items over a modem.

Lately William Shatner and Carrie Fisher have been attempting to rile up the fans and squeeze a few more seconds of relevance and popularity out of their careers, all in good fun I'm sure.  If you ask me this is more an issue of TV versus Movies instead of Star Wars versus Star Trek.  At any rate, another actor has stepped forward to be the messenger of peace between these two feuding fan bases.  He is attempting to rally support against another common foe that might prove more difficult to handle than the Furries.

What is this impending threat you ask?  Well, watch the video.

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