January 11, 2012

Guerrilla Mail

I for one love SPAM.  Slice it thin, fry it up.....makes a great addition to eggs or a sandwich.

SPAM email...I hate the stuff.  Things have gotten much better for me since I use my Gmail account as my primary email account.  Google does a great job intercepting an overwhelming majority of SPAM before I even see it.

One other tool that is great for thwarting SPAM is a disposable email account.  If you have your own webhosting account it it easy enough to establish a new email account and then delete it, but you still have to go through a few steps.

If you want an easy way to make a use & lose email account, head on over to Guerrilla Mail.  As soon as you load the page you get an email address that will last for no more than an hour and goes *poof* when you close the page.  Use that disposable account for things you need immediately and don't wish to get SPAM from.

I highly recommend Guerrilla Mail.

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