January 11, 2012

Cosplay PSA

In case you didn't know, I'm a nerd/dork/dweeb of sorts.  I play RPGs, occasionally void warranties, and I loves me some vidya games.

Still, I'm relatively high up on the social hierarchy that is geekdom.  No clue if that is good or bad and it's not my place to determine that anyway.  I can tell you that the Furries are generally accepted as being the bottom of the social strata.  I'm not making this up, it is just how it is.  I love to tease one of my wife's friends who is a self-professed Furry.  Even though it runs contrary to my own self-interests, I will admit there is a huge spectrum of Furries that run the gamut of "likes to wear ears and a tail" to "I cannot achieve erection/orgasm without donning a full fur suit and getting it on with another Furry and gender isn't much of an issue as long as you have a cute suit."  My wife's friend is a former and most of society only recognizes the latter.

Somewhere in the middle of the geek hierarchy, again with a decent range, are those you like to cosplay.  What is cosplay you ask?  Cosplay is short for Costume Play and is pretty much what people do on Halloween except any day can be Halloween, there isn't any candy, and Cosplayers put way more effort into their costumes than you ever considered.

I have never been interested in dressing up for a game convention, but I tend to go to game.  Some conventions are much more....diverse and some are big into Cosplay.  The first game convention my wife and I went to they had a big Cosplay event and my wife kept getting complimented on her costume.  She wasn't wearing a costume.  She just has a natural white streak of hair that people assumed was part of a Rogue costume.  It was a pretty stupid assumption.

Another stupid assumption is that you'd be the only one in a particular outfit.  Not too big a deal for massive Cosplay events like DragonCon, but terrible for a small con like Fandemonium.

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