January 29, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

Carolyn and I have just started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.  I had no idea that this show was not only good, but still on the air.  For some reason I tend to skip anything on CBS.  Growing up our only station was ABC and I've always liked NBC.  CBS was only worthwhile if you wanted to watch sports.

It is important to note that I've always had a crush on Alyson Hannigan.  Always......

Anyway, enough of skimming a Google image search on Alyson (I'll save that link for later).  How I Met Your Mother is a funny little show.  Each episode only runs 22 minutes long which would normally be just too damned fast, but the pacing is good and the forced jokes kept to a minimum.  I think in the past week we've managed to get midway through season 2 and there is at least another 5 1/2 seasons left, maybe more.

If you have Netflix, or CBS, the Alyson Hannigan Show, er I mean How I Met Your Mother is a good watch.

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Unknown said...

You guys and Jenn all started watching recently; I LOVE that show, so it's nice to have other people to rave to about the hilarity ^^