January 30, 2012

Seriously Stupid Movie Sequel


I dare you to find one person who has seen The Human Centipede....and to add a bonus level of difficulty, find one person who actually liked the film.  The first movie didn't even gross 10% of it's estimated budget in the US release and there is a 2nd movie in the works?

Who the hell in in charge of the Studios and Theaters these days?

I know enough about the "plot" of this movie that to know there is no way I could watch it outside of a lot of Tequila and a lot of money.  Two shots and a couple hundred buck aren't going to do it.  It'd take two bottles and a couple hundred grand.  I'd want to wake up after my blackout going, "where's all this money come from, and why am I banned for life from the movie theater?"

IMDB shared this awesome gem concerning the first film: Roger Ebert refused to assign this film a star rating for his review (not to be confused with giving it a zero star rating, which he hands out to the very worst films that he sees), saying it doesn't really matter whether the film is perceived as good or bad. He closes the review by writing, "The film is what it is and occupies a world where the stars don't shine.

Now please excuse me while I go drink something to kill the brain cells that have been devoted to thinking about these movies (I kid).

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