February 2, 2012

Great WebComic You Probably Don't Read

If you need to up your "cool" factor among the nerd herd....no, not that Nerd Herd....head on over to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

SMBC has a lot of adult humor, but not too "adult", with a side of intellectual.  Normally I find that most people that think they are smart, well they just like to parrot stuff they heard or string together a bunch of pseudo-intellectual garbage.

Few things piss me off more than pseudo-intellectuals.  Like the guy who tried to tell me all about how the Air Force did Close Air Support, never mind the fact he was talking to a retired ETAC.

Anyway, SMBC only comes off as pretentious when it's clear it is trying to do so.  While I don't know all of the math terminology or some of the other jokes, it still comes across as a good read.  Sometimes they actually take the time to put some complicated thing into an easier to understand format.

Today's strip is a great example of portraying some of the BS behind Congress' internet legislation mess(es):

I have to give Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal my seal of approval.  Check them out and bookmark today.  Also, if you do like the comic, please show them some love and click on one of their ad banners.  You might find something you need and SMBC gets to wet their beak a little an no expense to you.

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