February 6, 2012

I Think I Need a New Controller

This is what I have now, a standard Xbox 360 controller with an attached chatpad.  Before I got the Xbox 360 I was a HUGE PS3 fan.  The lightweight controller was great and I thought I'd never get used to playing with the heavier Xbox controller.

I found it amusing to know end when I got the chatpad which weighs the controller down quite a bit.  I actually prefer the weight of the controller now and if I think I might be playing at someone else's house I bring my controller with me.

Nevertheless I thought I should be open to new controllers for video game playing.  In my normal web-hopping I came across the ultimate controller.

I just now realized that the hands belong to female gamer....we need more female gamers!

Yes, I made you read all of the above just to show you a picture of a funny t-shirt.  Unfortunately the link to the original source for the picture, presumably a T-Shirt company, just leads to a boring 404 page.

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