February 25, 2012

John Carter Sneak Peek

There has been some discussion lately about the wisdom of releasing this Sci-Fi movie as "John Carter" instead of "John Carter of Mars".

Evidently the marketing rationale over at Disney was that by shortening the movie title and downplaying the Earth-bound setting at the beginning of the movie it might come across as less "geeky" and appeal to more women.

Really?  Let's give Disney the benefit of the doubt and say that women just don't like period pieces and they hate Science Fiction, neither of which are true, but please bear with me.  So you have this audience you want to watch your movie, but they don't like the genre or setting.  What is the best way to appeal to this audience?  Why change the title to trick them into possibly seeing the movie anyway.

Women love to be bamboozled.  Women are so dumb that if you trick them into paying for a movie ticket for a movie they clearly wouldn't like, they'll just sit and watch it 'cause they know you got the better of them.  They won't tell any of their female friends either because we all know misery loves company.  If their girlfriends get suckered into watching John Carter then they can chat later on just how Sci-Fi-y the movie was and just how clever those folks over at Disney are.

Well, for those that might actually be interested in the John Carter from Mars movie, here is an extended clip to whet your appetite:

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