February 15, 2012

Ranger Candy

My 24 Hour flu is now on its third day.  I was up all last night acutely aware of just how miserable things were up until the point where my fever "broke" at 6 AM.

During a trip to the Doctor's office I discovered that I was still running a 101* temp.  So much for my fever breaking.

Carolyn took me home and I managed to catch up on some of my sleep after taking some "Ranger Candy".

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Ranger Candy is basically those huge 750 mg tablets of acetaminophen.  Back when I was in the "Army Air Corps" Ranger Candy was the strongest stuff you could take without having to go on profile (restricted duty).

I've been popping a few pills so now I feel somewhat normal......but not normal enough for a real blog post.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how long ago you were in, but now when you say Ranger Candy, you are referring to 800mg motrin. Easier on your body that tylenol. Its been that way since I first started handing out ranger candy as a medic in 2000. *Lead the way*

Unknown said...

800mg Ibuprofin...actually. They are huge (like a football), white, and stamped with I8. That's the real stuff...and it works.