March 13, 2012

3-2-1 Quick Snack Cake

Ever try this before?
Sometimes I just need a little sweet to eat.  Not much, a couple bites will often do.  I'm not a huge chocolate fan and I don't like having a bunch of candy around.

Lately I've been keeping a bowl of accessible fruit on the counter and while I do eat more of it during the day, it doesn't quite hit the spot late at night.

Thanks to a flurry of internet activity lately I heard about 3-2-1 cake, from the Now That's Nifty Blog.  It reminds me of a homemade version of Betty Crocker's Warm Delights.  I liked Warm Delights, but the chocolate was a bit much for me.

Since I was grocery shopping today I decided to pick up the necessary ingredients and give this 3-2-1 cake a go.  I mixed a box of Angel Food Cake with a box of German Chocolate Cake, coincidentally both Betty Crocker mixes.  Three tablespoons of the combined mix, two tablespoons of water, and one minute in the microwave was all it took for a quick snack.

The result was a delightful spongy cake that was sweet and not too much chocolate.

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