March 1, 2012

Hacked Together Something Small

Occasionally I like to tinker with stuff.

While I should be working on converting my HackMaster PC sheet into a PDF form I had better things to do, like go to the grocery store.  While I was there I found some small items to help me do something I didn't need to be doing.

A month or two ago I bought one of those Lysol hands-free soap dispensers.  I must admit that I liked the thing and I think I'm probably washing my hands more than usual because of it.  What I'm not a fan of is having to use their soap refills.  My store only carries one type and while the cucumber stuff is "ok", I'd rather use something else.  At least having the option of changing it up a bit would be nice.

See the damage here?
Carolyn bought a replacement soap canister already so I had an empty one to tinker with.  Popping off the lid was doable, but I could tell it was hard on the lid.  You could see where the edge was damaged a bit and I don't think the lid was as snug after I refilled the canister.  This might work for a couple of refills, but sooner or later I knew I'd be SOL and have to get another cucumber hand soap.  The unit price doesn't seem terrible, but when you compare to regular generic antibacterial hand soap, I think the markup is around 400%, possibly higher.

1/2" Hole made
Finished dispenser
The first thing I did was get my supplies.  I grabbed some rubber grommets and rubber stoppers at the store.  The grommets were 1/2" inside diameter and the stoppers were....well they were big enough.  For $2.50 I had enough for two canisters.  I grabbed my 1/2" drill bit and slowly made the hole by hand.  The grommet went in easy enough and the stopper slid right in.  Now I have essentially a 1/2" stoppered hole in the top of my soap dispenser so I can refill it as I please with whatever liquid soap I please.  I could see the small membrane on the working end of the canister weakening over time, but if it goes then I can just get a new container and reuse the grommet and stopper.  Heck, I already have enough for another container anyway.

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