April 16, 2012

Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (NSFW)

Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron
This may or may not have been on your radar, but Kirk Cameron, child star of Growing Pains, has become a bit of a born-again bigot.

I'm not trying to malign religious folks or especially Born-Again Christians, it's just that Kirk has been tr.ying to transition from making terrible religious and morally-superior films to promoting his personal anti-homosexual agenda.

I'm not personally advocating a homosexual lifestyle....I actually don't "get it", but then again I really don't care.  I have some gay friends and their sexual orientation matters to me as much as my heterosexual friends does.  For the record that is jack-squat.

My beef comes when you start telling other people that their life is "wrong".  When I was younger I had some personal issues with others telling me my beliefs, thoughts, and/or practices were "wrong".  At first it was a whole issue between Catholicism and Protestant and where did I belong in the scheme of things. Then there was that my hobby of Role Playing Games was "evil" or "violent".  Let's not forget the disparity between attending a Mennonite church and me wanting to join the military.

Those were just the issues in my life that were "wrong".  As I went off to college my world views started to change quite a bit (Isn't that what college is for?)  When I was in high school my church had a thrift store that helped fund the church's missionaries.  In my first year of college I was an anthropology major and quickly learned how missionaries around the world were converting ancient civilizations to newer faiths. The missionaries feel they are doing "God's Work" and while it is hard to fault them for acting upon their beliefs, the act of trying to actively convert people over to your religion is an act of judgement.  For the "heathens", those beliefs that have served their people for millennia are being judged as "wrong" by people that are going out of their way to force their views on you.

This is why I have issues with the Kirk Camerons of the world. People who want to see the world remade in their image.  You know who else tried that?  I'll let you figure that out so I can win the internet.

Ok, enough of my own thoughts on the subject.  Here is a funny video response to Kirk from his childhood peers:

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