April 21, 2012

Save on Brew (Cheaper Beer)

Save some dough on your next beer purchase
Who doesn't like saving money?  If you answered "me", then please shoot me an email and I'll give you an address to send some of your extra cash my way.

For the rest of us, those that like to drink beer anyway, there is an awesome website devoted to finding you deals on beer.  The site is simply SaveOnBrew.Com and it simply looks up a database of roughly 300,000 advertised "beer deals" from among 50,000 retailers.

They had me at "save on brew".

When you go to their website you have to verify that you are of legal drinking age and you should be forewarned that the site is definitely Not Safe For Work.  While most of the site is "clean" there is an integrated blog and the lead story shows a wet T-shirt contestant.

Current micro-brew promotions in Boise
Here I did a 10 mile search from my zip code looking for micro-brews on sale.  I shop at Fred Meyer all the time and there is an Albertsons close to the house.  If I was of the mind for some libations I could easily pick up some Fat Tire while I was at the store.

SaveOnBrew.com also has a mobile site that you can easily access from your smart phone.  Don't forget to fire up your phone and bookmark that page.
save on brew mobile site

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