April 14, 2012

Shaving Some Dollars Off of Your Hygiene Budget

Shaving some dollars off of your hygiene budget
I stumbled upon a website that combines frugal with convenient wrapped up in awesome.

Dollar Shave Club will ship you new razor blades every month for a low price, much lower than if you went to the store (any store) and bought blades there.  They'll even throw in the handle!

If you want to change blades, they'll give you a new handle.  How awesome is that?  If you knew the markup on razor blades.....I've read upwards of 4,000% (?!!!) you'd see how these guys can do this and still make a buck.

Even if you don't need disposable razor blade cartridges, probably because you switched to a different kind of razor, you should check out their video....

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