April 3, 2012

Under Construction

My blogger page will be back up to 100% soon
If you were on my blog at all today you might have been in for quite a shock as I was quite busy playing around with it.

While I'm not quite finished I did manage to make quite a bit of headway in customizing things closer to how I wanted them.  When the blog went down I was forced to switch over to a standard template.

For now I figure instead of starting over from scratch I will just tweak the base template to better suit my needs.  There are some "improvements"  that Blogger has done and I figure I should take advantage of them.

The insertable jump breaks for one.  I prefer to have the entire post load and then simply expand when you click on the appropriate graphic, but I think I have to start playing with javascript in order to pull that off.  I don't really understand java and right now isn't the time for me to do some "off-the-job" training on the matter.

Originally I started using my own handwriting font where I could, but the effect was not quite right.  When I discovered the Schoolbell font was available for the Post titles I figured it was "close enough". Since I had already done all the "hard" work, downloading the font and updating the graphics was easy.  I like the new look much better.  I was able to use the font for widget titles, but it capitalizes everything, which I hate.  I'll look into that later.

For some reason, though the Google+ and social media links totally disappeared.  That took some time to get squared away.

The custom background is a special hex map I made up for my HackMaster game.  It was the standard 1" hex overlaid with smaller isometric triangles.  It allowed me to use the hex map instead of squares, and allowed for 2.5' increment movements.  Since the center of each hex is a point, drawing straight lines isn't difficult.

I still have a few things to tweak, most notably my graphical blog roll that I had on the old site.  It used java, but was pretty self-contained.  I hope to get that back up in the next week or so.  I liked my label menu, but I need to figure out how I want to bring that back.  I'm thinking a word cloud maybe.....

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