April 4, 2012


Melatonin Plus from Schiff is good stuff
I've never been a huge fan of popping pills, but there is one supplement that I highly recommend: Melatonin.

For a while I went to a homeopathic doctor and the experience was a bit odd to say the least.  At one point she had me in for a session where she put some kind of mineral-rich "mud" all over my freaking body.  Anywhere where my skin had been penetrated by metal.  Between a trio of tattoos, accidents, and a knife fight that is a lot of places.  I don't have any idea if the treatment is successive, which is why I haven't rescheduled an appointment following my bone marrow donation surgery.

I think my old doctor would have a conniption if she learned two doctors spent two hours jamming me with what looked like huge stickpins with auger points.

One good thing that came out of those doctor visits was the recommendation for Melatonin.  One pill before bedtime, sometimes two if it's been a particularly stressful day, or I just really need the sleep, and I'm much more pliable for the sandman.  Melatonin doesn't actually put me to sleep, it just helps quiet my mind some and I find going to sleep much easier.  I've been told that is is not possible to actually stay awake if you take 10 mg, but I see no need in testing an overdose.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by humans that helps regulate our sleep cycle.  Evidently is waxes and wanes through the day and as we age our body loses some of it's ability to make the stuff.

All I know is that since I've started taking Melatonin I sleep through the night better and I tend to wake up naturally after eight hours.  If I have to get up earlier than that I don't feel as robbed of rest as I used to.

There are several brands out there, some with only 1 mg and others with 3 mg and some bonus ingredients.  I like to go with the 3 mg tablets from Schiff.  Fred Meyer carries it in their Nutrition Center and it goes on sale a lot.

Last night I went to bed after midnight, a little later than normal.  I woke up at 7:30 AM, a little earlier than normal, but as usual I feel just fine.

This post is an unsolicited endorsement for a health supplement that I personally use and would recommend to my friends.

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