April 30, 2012

The Walking Dead on Xbox Arcade

Zombie video game/interactive comic
If you've followed my blog much at all you'll know I likes me some zombies!  I think I started up with the 2nd or 3rd Resident Evil game and just built on from there.

Big fan of the Walking Dead comics, not so much the AMC show, but that is because I don't like it when established characters are reinvented in a new medium.

This is why I liked The Walking Dead game on Xbox arcade.  It isn't so much a game as an interactive comic...almost a choose your own adventure. It is set in the same area as the original comic and it looks more like an animated comic (a great one at that) than a video game.  Not only does it not feel like a new medium, but the characters are not simply rehashed or "re-imagined" from the original.  Well, there is some limited cross-over from the original comics, but it doesn't detract from either work.

I give The Walking Dead on Xbox Live two thumbs up
The game presents you with several decision points where you have to quickly decide some major plot points that will end up having repercussions down the line.  Many dialogue options will have immediate or possible long-term effects also.  Only the first episode is available now for 400 MS points, but I can see the appeal of eventually getting the entire series.  There will be a bit of a replay value with this game, but I think I'd rather play through once and then start over at the beginning and make different decisions.

If you like The Walking Dead at all, I think you'll like this game.

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