May 6, 2012

Origins HackMaster Playtest Complete

We finished the initial playtest for the Origins adventure tonight.  As can be expected, the players didn't flow through the encounters quite like I envisioned and the dice were either hot or cold.

The biggest change I've noticed in the new "advanced" rules over the rules laid out in HackMaster Basic is that of morale.

With the new morale rules encounters rarely last until one side is dead.  Smart PCs can roll through some enemies with the proper tactics which could cause them to route.

There were several battles during these playtests where I thought the PCs were outmatched, but when you factor in propensity for failing morale checks, they were evenly matched.

Now that the initial playtest is complete I have a lot of writing to do to put all my notes into a finished form and to add the numerous game aids to assist the GM.

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