May 6, 2012

Avengers Take II

We ended up seeing The Avengers again yesterday, but this time in 3D.  Even though we went to a matinee showing the tickets were $11 each.

The upside was that this time there wasn't as big of an audience.  I'd guess there were maybe 20 people in the theater.  I'm guessing that was because of the price, the format, the time, and the location.  I was able to actually hear all of the dialogue and the issues I had with the Hulk were mitigated by the extra dialogue and some time to think about it.

The downside was, of course, the price, but also the fact it was in 3D.  They did a good job on the 3D, forgoing any cheesy effects, but having to don those glasses and all the 3D action made me a bit dizzy and eventually gave me a headache.  The effects weren't worth the side effects and they sure as hell weren't worth the increased cost.

This time we were able to see both clips after the credits.  The shawarma scene was OK, not sure if it was worth waiting for, but now I can say I've seen it.

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