June 7, 2012

Creepy Text Messages

This afternoon I was getting ready to walk my dog Tessa when I got the weirdest text message: "Lets go to the park! *~*~*Mrs. Hutcherson*~*~*" Since I was planning on going to our local park I found the message a bit creepy.

Two minutes later I got the same text message.

While I know this is most likely a wrong number, the fact that this coincided with my planned visit to the park I held off going for over an hour until my wife came home.

We took Tessa to the park without incident and moments after we got home I received another text message from "Mrs. Hutscherson" that read "u cant keep secrets from me"

WTF?  This went from slightly creepy, but coincidental to where is my effen gun?  My first thought was that there is someone spying on me.

I've sent a text back saying that I don't think they are texting who they think they are and if I get any more messages I'll escalate things from there.

This wouldn't be the first time I've had phone problems due to wrong numbers.  One time a company in California put a toll-free area code in front of their local help line number instead of actually using their toll-free number.  My number was printed in all of their tech support materials for a small-business line of cash registers.  I would get calls at all hours asking how to fix their cash registers.  When I told people they had the wrong number they'd apologize, read the number in their manuals and call again.  When I tried to straighten things out with the company they put me in touch with a marketer that simply accused me of stealing their number.  She couldn't understand that it was their people who repeatedly gave out a wrong number to begin with.

Eventually I had to talk to a company VP and threaten legal action.  After all, I was paying for all of these wrong numbers, not to mention my time.  Getting woken up at 5 AM for their East Coast tech-support calls was not what I considered fun.

What would have been fun is getting a hold of the proper manual and then guiding this company's customers over the phone to "inadvertently" ruin their cash registers to the point that they would need to be returned for service.  Then I could give them a bogus address and/or an RMA number.

Yes, I was that cheesed off by these frequent calls.

Here's to hoping this creepy text messenger doesn't push things that far.

Friday Morning Edit: I am alive with my kidneys intact, having received no more creepy text messages.

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