June 7, 2012

Job Search Rant

Job Search Rant
I've had some ups and downs during my job search this last 18 months, some of which I have shared here.  Finding gainful employment has been difficult and every time I see the news talking about the economy, the job market, or unemployment I just have to cringe.

When I think of the employers I've interacted with during my search I wonder if the economy has had a negative impact on how they treat job seekers.  I've had one.....ONE interview where the employer made me feel valued as an individual.  Most employers seem to treat the whole process of searching for new employees as a distasteful exercise that deserves as little participation as they can muster.

I've been to interviews where it was clear that the job was filled before I had even applied.  There have been interviews where I haven't been notified that I wasn't hired.  More often than not I'll get an email stating that someone else was hired.

Seriously?  If you actually interview someone, someone who has to get dressed up, drive to your workplace and sit through what could have been a painful interview, you OWE them some small measure of personal closure.  Shooting off a form letter or email is a bit insulting.  Even if you have interviewed 10 people, spending a few minutes to touch base with the 9 people you didn't hire is just common courtesy.

A couple of weeks ago I had two interviews.  I haven't heard from the one that required me to drive four hours to attend.  The other one sent me a form email stating they went with someone else.  The email is bad enough and not even hearing from the other is terrible, but what really was a slap in the face was how I got the email from the first interview.

I generally send off a thank you card for the interview, but the last few times I have had the cards returned because the addresses on people's business cards were for the physical address instead of the mailing address.  To hedge my bets this time I also sent off an email to the person leading the interview.  My rejection email was sent as a reply to my thank you email.

Talk about a slap in the face.  The employer couldn't have been bothered by actually having to type my email address in their email program?  Was their time so precious that they had to reduce their response to a couple of mouse clicks?

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