June 1, 2012

Zombie Playground

I know I've blasted Kickstarter in the past, but this particular project a) appeals to me and b) is the kind of thing Kickstarter is made for.

Zombie Playground is a side-project that some game developers over at Massive Black are trying to get off the ground.  From what I can tell, these guys are primarily digital artists that want to take their work and expand upon it.

The whole project feels like Left4Dead (which I love) with kids as the protagonists.  The kicker is (pun intended) that this project is not aimed at kids and not simply a L4D clone.  The game will be a bit of a cross between a FPS and an online RPG.

Because this is an artistically grounded project, I suspect that the visuals will be even more stunning than anything else going on in the recent glut of zombie games.  While I'd love to show you a lot of the graphics they've laid out for the game so far, you should really head on over to their site for that.

I will, however, put up a small video of one of their artists drawing a scene.  I've always found these types of videos really cool because when you think something looks good the artist starts making changes and you get to see the project look even better.

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