July 19, 2012

Makes Me Long for Another iPhone

I know I've gone off about Kickstarter a couple of times now, but I was pointed at a successful Kickstarter campaign that produced a product that makes me wish I still had my iPhone.

My jaw dropped when I saw this thing...simply dropped.

I pretty much carry two wallets and have managed to lighted them both up a tiny bit by using phone apps like KeyRing.  The only problem I have is that many retailer's scanners cannot read my phone screen.  A lot of the newer ones can, but that is about it.

Geode, basically combines my wallet with KeyRing, but kicks it all up a notch or two three on the awesome scale.

If you are just scanning the page on their website or on Kickstarter it is too easy to miss the many features Geode has.  First of all, it has a built-in fingerprint scanner.  Screw passwords or pins that can be lost.  Then comes an integrated e-ink screen on the back that displays your various barcodes.  Any scanner can read that screen!  The last piece of awesome is that is basically contains a blank credit card.  This card is programmed on-the-fly to be whatever card you need it to be!  This card takes the place of your credit cards and those loyalty cards that have to be swiped.

Basically this one device can take care of 95% of my wallet.  All I'd need then is my ID cards, any business cards, and those stupid loyalty punch cards.

This is just too awesome.  I might end up having to go back to the iPhone someday just for this accessory.

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