July 20, 2012

Thoughts about the Aurora Tragedy

Batman III: The Dark Knight Rises
Unless you've been offline or living under a rock, you've heard about the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  There were better places for information on this attack, and plenty of worse places......between the 24 Hour news-machine and the millions of internet-savvy geeks plastering odd Batman shrines to the attack....it is a bit much.

A good friend of mine lives in Aurora.  The odds that her and her husband were at that particular showing or venue were slim, but I thought I'd check in to make sure. Her & hers are safe and sound.

Once that was established my interest, for lack of a better word, is over.  I mean no disrespect to those that lived or died in this tragedy, but there is just too much information being disseminated about this.  This attack could have occurred at any number of places to any of us, or our friends and families.  Blowing this up to a huge thing doesn't help those that need help and only serves to make people more frightened than they need to be.

There is nothing with being a little more security conscious, but there is a line between too much and too little.  If I fear anything is that this event will swing things to too much.....

If the powers that be put out a specific call for assistance to help these people, then I'm in....until then I'll just be going on with my life.  For the record though, it is always a good time to donate blood.

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