July 7, 2012

Ron Perlman Simply Rocks

I think Ron Perlman is great as Hellboy (huge fan) and I've generally enjoyed his work, even though a lot of it has been B-movie fare.

Of course for the record I used to be a huge B-Movie fan.

Anyway, I've liked pretty much everything Hellboy I've come across and I realize that it must be a total PITA for Mr. Perlman to get into makeup.  I wouldn't be surprised if it took, at a minimum, four to six hours for just the minimum get-up.  The full body shots of Red probably took a bit longer.

This is why when I heard about Mr. Perlman getting together with Spectral Motion, a sfx company, to help with two special Make A Wish Days for Caleb and Zachary.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy with a Make A Wish Day
Courtesy of Spectral Motion's Facebook Album
Whenever I hear about an A-list star being a grade A A-Hole it gives Hollywood a bad name..at least to me.  When I hear about this kind of thing it makes me feel a bit better about the industry as a whole.  Hell, it makes me feel good about people as a whole.

Realistically there really isn't that much PR that either Mr. Perlman or Spectral Motion gets from this.  Our society would rather chat about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce that clue in to this side of Hollywood.

Too bad......Ron Perlman makes a better idol anyday over Tom Cruise....at least in my book.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that last week and thought it was awesome. I also recently read about John Cena, a WWE wrestler I had no opinion of that just fulfilled his 300th make a wish for kids. He didn't want a big deal made of the milestone and suggested they do something when he's fulfilled 1000. I still don't watch wrestling but I think this John Cena character is a hell of a guy.