August 28, 2012

Busy as a Bee

Busy Bee
I'm busy as a bee for the beginning of this week, but I'll get some proper posts up once I have my feet underneath me.

School started Monday and while my course load isn't terrible, it is always an extra PITA at the onset.  I have to start my reading assignments, pour through the syllabus, figure out how I'm going to track homework and assignments, etc.  For now I'm entering my assignments into Outlook and keeping calendar items for weekly assignments and any other special dates.

I've also updated my Dropbox account so I can keep all of my school paperwork synced across all my computers.  I find it useful to do that so I can hop around between platforms.  Yesterday I was simply tired sitting at the kitchen table all day and was able to finish up a couple of reading assignments with my iPad on the couch.

Toastmasters International: Where Leaders are Made
Today I have a demonstration speech to give at my lunchtime Toastmasters meeting and I'm running a speech competition at my dinner Toastmaster meeting.  I know, I probably should be "double-fisting" Toastmaster meetings on Tuesdays, but one is my home club and the other is a club I'm sponsoring.  The new club is struggling a bit to get chartered, but I think it'll get there once the summer is over.  It is fun to see a new club forming their own traditions and working in a completely different format than my home club.

Add to this wonderful mix some consulting work from one of my clients.  Nothing major, but it is a few hours of work I want and could really use right now.  Even though the client is willing to wait a bit for the work to be done, I really owe it to them to do a good job as quickly as possible.  I'll probably stay up tonight to finish it up instead of waiting until Wednesday morning.

Well, my "break" is over and I should be getting back to prepping things for the Boise Club 61 Evaluation and Humorous Speech contest tonight.

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