August 26, 2012

Awkward Yet Cool Reward

Castle Story from Sauropod Studio
Yesterday I was sent a link to a short YouTube video regarding another Kickstarter campaign.  On the surface, this Castle Story campaign is everything I despise about Kickstarter.  It was a classic, "fund me so I can have living expenses while I work on my idea" plea, but as I delved in a bit closer I found out that was only part of the deal.

Yes, these three game designers needed to have money for living expenses in order to finish their game, but they wanted to re-hire the musicians they've had before to compose a score for the game and they had a demo they've been working on for the last couple of years.  The fact that they weren't asking for much in the scheme of things (as game development goes) helped out a lot.

The game seems to be a cross between Minecraft and Castle Defense and they have a great new idea as far as thanking their backers goes.  I'll let you discover that gem (*snicker*) on your own should you choose to do so (and get the pun), but I wanted to share this funny and creative "additional backer reward" video from the guys at Sauropod Studio.

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