August 7, 2012

So Sad, But True

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
One of the webcomics I read religiously is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC).  It is a simple comic as far as the drawings go, and a rather complex comic as far as the humor goes.

I'm sure SMBC is downright hilarious if you were a mathematician or a physicist, but it is still funny for us non-rocket scientists....or at least for this non-rocket scientist.

This morning I found the comic so in tune with some recent observations on the idiocy of the average American, or at least the average American that comments on blog/news articles.

8/7/12 SMBC Cartoon
8/7/12 SMBC Cartoon
First you have all the people using the comment system to make a crack at Gold-medal Olympian Gabby Douglas.  I realize that folks like to push people down when they are on top of the world.....I don't understand it, but I acknowledge it.  It takes less energy to tear someone down than it does to get off your own ass and build yourself up.  This has become enough of a "thing" that the commentary is making itself a news story.

Then you have these heroes talking smack about a 13 year old girl that was propositioned by a couple in Gurnee, IL.  Seriously?  I don't know how messed up these people's foray into puberty was, but to foist their shortcomings onto an anonymous little girl?  Wow.....

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