August 6, 2012

The Dollyrots

Today has largely been an errand day for me, running around Boise in 100*+ weather using my FJ40 with no A/C.  It actually isn't too bad as long as I keep moving.

One thing that I find helpful when having to "do stuff" when it is hot as balls outside is some rocking tunes.

I'm a big Bowling For Soup fan and I'm usually listening to their tunes.  The other day I ended up with some Amazon credit and decided to try and download some BFS MP3s I didn't already own....mostly their earlier stuff.

When I was looking through my choices I found this collaboration album with The Dollyrots.  Basically each group did covers of two of the other's songs.  I ended up just buying the BFS songs, but a few days later went back and bought The Dollyrots songs.

I'm sure glad I did because this group rocks.

Don't take my word for one of their singles off of their upcoming album next month.

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