August 11, 2012

The Walking Dead Game- now for iPad

A couple of months ago I mentioned there was The Walking Dead game on the Xbox.  I just learned that this game was also ported onto the iPad and iPhone.

While there are definitely game elements, I think that this endeavor is much closer to an interactive comic where your actions get to decide the outcome of certain characters and how the story develops.

As you progress through the series, the other characters remember what you've said and what you've done.  If you don't have someone's back when they feel you needed to, they will remember.  I played the first episode a couple different ways and in the end I had to decide which one of two different characters got to survive.  Now that I've played the second episode I see where that surviving character was important.  It makes me wonder how the second episode would play out if I had saved the other person instead.

I could always play the second episode again with the other saved game.

The producer of The Walking Dead game, Telltale Games, put together a short video showing how the many player's actions stack up.  Since that video is full of spoilers it will be embedded after the break.  Seriously, if you plan on playing the game and haven't got to episode two, DO NOT "Click to read more".

For the record, I chopped off David's leg, did not shoot Jolene, stopped Clementine from cannibalism, tried to revive Larry, chose to "save" the cannibal brothers (leave them to their fate), and took the supplies from the abandoned car.

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