August 21, 2012

Word of the Day is Fraped

Operation Payback
I know I haven't posted in a couple of days.  Sunday and Monday were rather "interesting" days that will each get a post when I can sit down and hammer them out.  On Sunday I went to what seemed like a nice church and Monday my four-hour-tops visit to the College of Southern Idaho was closer to eight hours of frustration.

Good times.

Yesterday I learned a new word and got pointed to what I think was one of the best executed revenges ever to be captured on film.  The word was Fraped, which Urban Dictionary defines loosely as "when someone edits your facebook without your permission."  I guess the deal is when you walk away from a computer logged on to Facebook some folks will take that opportunity to change your status.

I used to do something of the sort to folks at work who went to lunch and didn't secure their computer before leaving.  Worst I did, pretty much the only thing I ever did, was to switch their wallpaper to a picture of the ugliest dog contest winner.  I'll put a picture here, but since it definition....not pretty, I'll put it after the break along with the revenge video.

Ugliest Dog in the World Contest WinnerHow would you like to come home after a hard day of work and have this thing want to jump up and give you a kiss?

This really wants to make me a cat person, but back to the revenge story at hands.  This guy in Holland got fraped by his little brother and decided to get revenge in a big way.  He enlisted the help of his friends to re-decorate his little brother's room.

These guys went all out.  No attention to detail was spared in part because they thought the little brother would be too lazy to do too much to fix everything and revert the room back to normal.  Personally I found the little pills in the wooden box and the pink plastic toy in the basket were a nice touch.  Just something for you to look for in the video.

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