September 28, 2012

Funny, but True, Avengers Movie Trailer

Marvel's The Avengers
I just really needed an excuse to show my animated Avengers gif one more time.

Last night we watched The Avengers on Blu-Ray.  It was interesting since we'd already seen it a couple of times now, but this time we own it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it at least twice more: once with Joss Whedon's commentary and another with the second screen experience.  Evidently there is an app that listens in on the audio of the film and uses it to cue up additional information on an tablet or smart phone.

This time through, just like the second viewing, I was able to catch a few choice words I couldn't hear before that make a few scenes make a little more sense.  Of course now as I'm typing this I cannot recall what they were.

This morning after a bit of link-hopping I came across this funny The Avengers trailer from Screen Junkies.  Enjoy....

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