October 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II EPIC FAIL

I am the extremely disappointed owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II phone.  My phone before this one was an iPhone and my phone after this one will be an iPhone as well.

After hearing great things about this phone I foolishly decided to give it a try.

The Android OS has some potential, but I for one am sick of having to screw around with it in order to get a lack-luster performance compared to my wife's old iPhone.

Sure, I can do some pretty cook things with it, but the level of work required just to do even simple things greatly overshadows something as nice as a moving interactive background.  Today at lunch I tried multiple times to simply connect to the restaurant's wifi.  While my wife was able to get her phone to automatically connect, my phone just fiddle-farted around with obtaining an IP address before shutting off the wifi altogether.  Restarting and/or manually telling the phone to connect to the specific network didn't help.

I figured maybe upgrading the OS to Ice Cream Sandwich would help.  Of course the AT&T website is about as useful as tits on a boar.  I stopped in to talk to "my guy" at the local AT&T store and he tells me I have to download some program from Samsung to get the ICS update.

I install this program named Kies, which looks like a share-ware replica knock-off of iTunes, but without any useful functionality.  After going through some updates I try to connect my phone.....and nothing.  I keep getting this odd message:
Samsung Error Message

Now I don't know what the hell "Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode" is.  There is no menu option in Kies labeled "Settings".  It isn't something on my computer......maybe I should try to connect via wifi.

There is a set of instructions to lead you through connecting via wifi and I make sure my computer is set up properly.  Of course Kies has no button or switch to hit to tell it I want to connect my phone via wifi.  I reset my phone and it is connected to my network, but I don't think that is right.  By now my frustration level is way up there.  I've already run the troubleshooter multiple times and it is a slow process.  My computer recognizes the phone, but not Kies.

I take a look at the help menu.  Not much help there, but I do learn that I probably cannot update the OS via wifi, so I'm back to playing with the USB cable connection.  I check to make sure I'm using the proper cable.....yep, says Samsung right on it.

A quick internet search leads me to this page where someone who has had the same issues I've had figured out the instructions were for the phone itself.  Seriously?  Would it have hurt the programmers at Samsung to....I don't know.....mention that the "Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode" was on the fricken phone?!  Of course, it isn't labeled on the phone this way so maybe they should have used the actual information from the phone.

By now I've already been to Samsung's US Support page and I've finally gotten the Kies program to recognize my phone.  I've also has some lame "Kies Air" program to install and run from the start menu.  I have no idea what it is or what it is supposed to do, but hey....at least Samsung installed something I didn't want and didn't ask for.  Of course it doesn't work anyway because it says that there is "No device running Kies Air".  Another Google search tells me it is a Google App for controlling my phone over wifi through a web browser.  According to the most recent written reviews, the app simply doesn't work.

No real surprise there.

According to the Support page I should be able to update to ICS, but Kies, the program I have to use to install the update, says I have the most current version.


Current Android Version on my Phone
Click to view bigger version
So after a couple of hours of trying to get this phone to upgrade to the newest OS version, basically in an attempt to actually get the phone to work, I'm just SOL?

Why couldn't you guys copy Apple on the part about how their products work instead of how they look?

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