November 4, 2012

Running HackMaster Again!

I'm getting to GM for our group during November.  My wife is participating in NaNoWriMo again this year which means she doesn't have a lot of time to prep for our game.

I'm relishing getting to run again and I have some ideas for the game.  I'm going to run in Aldrazar, the game world for 4th edition HackMaster, but it will definitely be a current edition of the game.  My ideas have to do with the transition of the high-magic old edition to the low-magic current edition.

I totally think I can pull this off.

Of course, the game I want to run might not be the game my players wish to play in.  Since this campaign will be for all of November and then at least once a month thereafter, I'm not going to be the type of GM who simply makes his players "suck it up" and play the game I want to run.

To this end I gave my players a questionnaire about the future game to gauge their interest in what they would like to play.  I figured that I kind of knew what they'd want after gaming with them for a couple of years, but you never know......

These were the general results of the ranged-scale questions, all prettied up in a graphic.

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