November 24, 2012

Saw Wreck-it Ralph on Thanksgiving

Wreck-it Ralph
For Thanksgiving Carolyn and I went out to see a movie.  Our original intention was to go see the new Red Dawn movie, but I did a bad, bad thing I generally do not recommend doing before going out for a movie.

Yep....I read the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Eleven percent of critics liked it and only 64% of the participating audience reviewers liked it.  Those "positive" reviews....if you go and look at them they aren't all that positive either.

Because I didn't want to gamble on seeing a "rent instead" movie, I asked we change our plans to go see Wreck-it Ralph, which had 86% and 92% for professional/public reviews.
I know....such a cop-out.  I just didn't like the idea of having Carolyn treat me to a movie and then have a crappy experience.  Since I already knew the movie had been sent back for re-work to replace the Chinese villains with a less-than-believable North Korean adversary I'm guessing all that re-shooting, extra cover-up work, and undoubtedly too much re-editing probably took its toll on the film.  I bet the first go-around with the Chinese adversaries was better.  Some of the reviews I read mentioned that the editing was bad, which is something I simply cannot stand in a movie.

I stand by my decision and think it was a good one.  Wreck-it Ralph was pretty awesome.  I enjoyed the numerous video game references, especially some of the subtle ones.  The fact it was a completely original story from Disney was great too.  Looking back the movie was a little predictable, but while I was watching it I was totally immersed.  I didn't catch the should-have-been-obvious foreshadowing so there were some surprises for me during the film and I loved them.
Two Thumbs Up for Wreck-it Ralph
Overall the movie impacted me much more than I had expected and it was an awesome experience.  It was simply a good time.....I highly recommend Wreck-it Ralph.

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Topher Kersting said...

My hesitation with Red Dawn (besides not wanting to take a five-year-old) was that movies that spend more than a year in post-production usually do so for a reason. Wreck-It Ralph was a good option.