December 23, 2012

Happy Dreams Daycare

College Humor: Horror Movie Daycare
Public Domain Image
Much to the chagrin of my mother, and probably my mother-in-law, I don't really plan on having kids.  My brother has four children and my wife's brother has one and will probably have more, so hopefully the heat will be off.

I don't know why people feel that my life might not be complete until I sire offspring.  Children are little helliant germ-monkeys, especially when encountered in numbers.

Ok, I stretched that one a bit.  Children can be pretty cool.  Almost all of the kids I've gotten to know were certainly pretty cool and the ones that weren't, especially the random little bastard acting up in public.....I'm going to blame the parents.  I might just be lucky in that my cool friends tend to have cool, well-adjusted kids (or at least ones that can act that way).

For those of us of the childless persuasion, sometimes kids can be a little scary, but even the scary one need to be taken care of.  Happy Dream Daycare looks like it might work;

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