December 22, 2012

JL8, A Webcomic You Should Be Reading

JL8 Webcomic
I am quite thankful this morning for io9's article about The Best New and Short Webcomics of 2012. I haven't gone through them all yet, but I did check out JL8 by Yale Stewart.

Now I'm way more into Marvel than DC, but JL8 is pretty fricken awesome!

JL8 won the People's Choice Award for Best Webcomic over at IGN.

The series shows the Justice League as schoolchildren and I won't do justice trying to explain.  I'd just head over to either the Tumbler site or the comic archive and start reading.  Yale updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

While I don't really have a favorite strip, #56 is kind of cool....but more so when you read #57.

I don't expect everyone to get the significance of this strip or even know who the character is, which is why I think this is a good strip to put up here to illustrate Yale's style.  The comics look like online like they would if I read them in the paper.....and I'd love to see these in the paper.  The comics are classic and topical at the same time while not being "adult".  It is a combination I'm not used to seeing.

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