December 3, 2012

Personal Challenge Accepted

One of my personal pet peeves.....something about me personally, is that I get a lot of ideas for projects and products that never come to fruition.

I have a bad tendency to get an idea, envision how to implement it, and sometimes even gather materials and start putting it together.  Invariably I get part way through working on it and another new idea catches my fancy and I'm off chasing this new idea.

My work area at home is a bit of a mess, as you can imagine.  This last week I started cleaning things up, but I got sidetracked with school, Christmas gifts, and my weekly HackMaster game.

Today I was looking for a certain something for next weekend's game when it occurred to me that it might be easier to just make what I'm looking for.  My focus then shifted to looking for something to help me make what I wanted and I mulled my options over for a while.

I have no idea why, but clarity of thought on these things generally occur when I'm in the shower.  I don't exactly have to exert a lot of brain-power to scrub up and rinse off, so my mind wanders a bit.  Today my mind wandered from trying to find this new "thing" I wanted to help in my game to making something a little different that would inherently be much more useful....something that others might like to use as well.

This isn't the first time I've thought about improving upon another idea and possibly making it available for others.  In fact I have three other similar projects in various states.

My challenge for the month of December, is to finish all four projects.  This will not be an easy task since I have school, Christmas gifts, and life in general.  The thing is, if I don't do something to light a fire under my ass, nothing will get done.

All four of these items, when finished, were intended for sale at DriveThruRPG.  What I'm proposing is that if I fail to make my timeline of finished by December 31st, everything I do finish will be available for free.

Most people like free right?  Unless it is costing them of course......

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