February 21, 2013

Cat Sitting

This last week I've been cat-sitting for some friends that are out of state on vacation.  They have three cats, just like we do, and some of them have issues, just like ours do.

The "work" of cat-sitting is pretty much a few minutes of feeding them and scooping their litter boxes.  I do play with them a bit, but I've found what they want more than anything is to just be around.  All three cats seem perfectly capable of entertaining themselves.

Unfortunately that means doing some things they shouldn't be doing.  It is interesting to come over and see what they've gotten into while I was gone.  I try to spend several hours over here to keep them company.  They like having a warm body around so I indulge them while I hop online and work on homework....or my blog like I am now.

One cat has been hiding out big time all week.  She's a shy one that will hide under the sofa downstairs or maybe behind the entertainment center upstairs.  She wants to be around, but not seen. I think she's a "man's cat" since she wouldn't let my wife pet her, but I got to a little bit yesterday.  Today I was completely surprised to find her rubbing up against me.  I snapped a quick picture of her rubbing against the coffee table before she took off for parts unknown.

Well, unknown until I found her on top of the entertainment center along with one of the other cats.

This has been an interesting week, that is for sure.
Kitty Surprises

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